Friday, July 19, 2013


And today is the 31st post of the one-month challenge.

Whew! On one side, I can't believe I actually reached this point- I often thought I was definitely going to give up. On the other side, I can't believe I wasn't writing everyday a month ago and I'm almost sorry it's over (I don't have an excuse to force myself to write everyday anymore)! Talk about habit formation! 

I won't say I enjoyed every minute of the journey. I didn't. But it was like a good workout. You hate it because it kills you while you are doing it. And yet, you feel very good afterward because you survived it. There were definitely days when I'd rather have slept than written. And yet, once I finished the post, I felt very good. And there were times when I didn't know what to write: when I would just keep thinking, 'What next?' At other times I could think of lots of topics but none I wanted to write about then. (That's when I realized why I shouldn't blame newspaper reporters for writing poorly once in a while).

The good thing is this exercise got me back to writing regularly, and has made me write more concisely. It has also made me read a lot more, and more importantly, made me realize yet again that I can find time for something if I want to.

I also got some good feedback both on the blog and on fb (and also on chat)- thank you for that! It really encourages me to go on.

One small technicality. Some of you might have noticed I actually started the challenge on June 5th. How is it a "one-month" challenge if I took till July 18th? Well, by the end of the first week itself I realized it's impossible for me to write weekends, mostly because I am outside then. So, I skipped all the weekends and tried to make it just weekdays, thus changing the 1 month-challenge to a 31-weekday challenge. Ya, it's not optimal, but I really needed the weekends.
For that matter, I tried to think up topics one day before and give teasers, but that didn't work either (partly because I ran out of topics and partly because I know how much time I'd have the next day.)

For those of you who are reading this the first time (or) are not sure which posts to read in this one month, I have some I'd like to recommend in decreasing order (because they are the ones that I convey what the blog's about, and also because I enjoyed writing them the most I guess)- What's with all the marrying, Chennai express and stereotyping, Rajinikanth, Colors- A terribly tiny tale and Laura- a short story. If you want the ones that were popular by pageviews or by comments (other than the ones above)- you might check I shouldn't be here, The Unspoken and The Roman Catholic Hindu actress...

Well, thank you and keep reading and commenting.. And let's hope that my writing spree lasts...

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