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An engineer working on computer hardware design after a few years at grad school where I pursued the extremely unrelated specializations of Computer Architecture and Bioengineering,  I am a woman in her mid-20's and who is interested in almost everything. While at school, I was working on research in computational neuroscience and studying topics in Parallel Computing, Physics and Psychology.

I am intrigued (as well as amazed) by life and the world, and incessantly strive to know more about it. I love writing, though I am not as regular at it as I would like to be. Which is probably a good thing, because it means I am busy learning about the world. I am also interested in politics though I have not yet found one political party or philosophy I completely agree with. I am very interested in religion, but curiously, am an atheist myself. I am also interested in... Aw hell, as I said, I am interested in everything.

My truest passions in life include- Calvin and Hobbes, Coffee (the South Indian filter kaapi style coffee) and Cholesterol (in the form of anything unhealthy and edible- from cashews to fried potatoes to cheesecakes to plain butter). My other passions include- trying not to move out of my couch, pointless sky gazing (on the few occasions I reach escape velocity from the couch), recursions, debates, mentioning the word "tradeoff" at least once in each debate, saying "it depends" when asked anything, alliterations and listing my other truest passions in life which include- ...

(Free advice: Close this page before I am tempted to write an "About the about the Author"!)

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