Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is a poem that is intended to be both generic and symbolic of Raavan. This is what I had thought someone who wants to portray Raavan's character would say, but of course, Mani failed that in Raavan to a large extent. So narrating the part of the story that was left unsaid...

She was a princess, I, ruler of the world,
I, the first to break the laws of love, I, unjustifiably villainized.
I, cursed from the beginning of time, for I, would be blinded by her delicate beauty.
A beauty- so fragile and yet so strong from within
a beauty that compelled her into the cruel jungle with him.
Lady, my heart cries, if I had to take you to the jungle, I would rather die.
Isn't love such a heartless thing, princess,
that you like the man who would banish you, and walk you into fire;
and, I, a woman who doesn't respect me even as grass*
And yet, that hopeless love unites us
for the heart always desires what the hand cannot touch
and desire is the seed of the illogical in the mind.
So let the world laugh at me, woman,
For I know, no man will remain unswept by the passion that washed us away
For I know, you love me, by loving him without repay.

*This line is based on the beautiful explanation Vishaka Hari gave for the event where Sita tells Raavan she doesn't even respect him lesser than she does a blade of grass!


P.S- You may already know that Raavan was an extremely talented man, accomplished musician, poet (his poem on Lord Shiva is really awesome), and of course, a great warrior etc etc. While Ramayan says Ram was also very talented (Remember he fought Maareech and gang at 14), I somehow never felt the respect I felt for Raavan (and no Dravidian bias here). Maybe because he was not as chauvinistic. Maybe because Valmiki secretly intended him to be the hero ;)


  1. Hey, this was awesome!!!!

    I too have a lot of respect for Ravan and feel that Ram has been given a high seat in the society, but as a man Ravan was more humane - fragile in love for Sita, who didnot touch her, as he was stopped by sita with a dry grass blade!

    I wrote a post on this, u may like to read

  2. @ Restless:
    Thanks! :) I only wish to say that who you portray as correct in the Ramayan is open to interpretation. Anyway, I will see your post and comment!

  3. I like ravan too..All his fault was falling in love with another man's wife and it is quite possible.I don't quite like rama for suspecting.So I always feel the characters were biased .


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