Friday, November 26, 2010


The sea of life washes all into her
A concoction of the good, the bad and the dirty,
And as I watch in astonishment and impenetrable sorrow,
My precious little pearl floats with the gutter rat's carcass
Ah, for the rat she has great mercy maybe,
To me, she has but little justice!!

P.S: No reason why I wrote this in the middle of the day, when i was busy thinking about loads of other things... Maybe, life washes poetry into graphics tests as well!


  1. I am not surpirsed why you wrote this in office :)
    good one :)

  2. @Sri: Actually, THAT is precisely why I said I don't know why I wrote it that particular day- because that day I was in one of my rare good moods, even though in office :D


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