Saturday, August 18, 2007


At times I wish I could go back to u,
jus for a day, or maybe two...
Not completely real, but like in a drem,
soft and inconsequent, but enjoyable...
not changing the tide of life as i go on,
but jus a ripple here, a ripple der,
a mild soothing dawn...
We can never go back to wat v wer, im sure,
nor start again wat has now become sour...
Yet in passing moments,
lost in loneliness, when time stands still,
I wonder if v could be together,
n not let time, our happiness, kill,
But tomorrow shud start with us alone and separate,
lest the remnant of love in my heart decay into hate..
Love can bloom twice, my frnd, but die only once,
n v can savour the memories of the dead,
not resurrect em...
No, not resurrect em...

Saturday, August 11, 2007


On a hilly path spiralling down to eternity,
At every turn, a sudden splurge, a sudden upward jolt,
Yet never to recover, Yet nobody's fault!
Deeper, deeper, deeper down the ravine, as I travel,
blacker, blacker, blacker becomes the vacuum that consumes me....
Blurred images of a joyful past flash across my mind,
blotches of colour, against solemn black,
Green lawns, sun-bathed days,
and long legs chasing butterflies...
The present journey may be irrevocable now,
But it was a beautiful past,
only, like a piece of art, to be left untouched!
And I think,
Where has all the laughter gone?
(O, When did I lose it?)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

On the romanticisms of nature lovers n the publicity hawks

I walk along the Eliot's (fondly called Bessy Beach), Chennai dis morning. I simply love the morning beach, it s among the few things of beauty in which man cannot match the skills of nature. I dunno hw t happens, bt the waves are so satisfyin tat wenever i stand at the edge of d water, they make me wish i could stand ther forever...
Away from al the sad realities of life, the sorrows, the jealousies, the push-u-downs , the pull-me-ups, the stinking slums, the city-reflectin mirrors of IT parks , the mathematical equations, the humungous astronomical theories n d minute quarkisms, the greeting cards, poems , paintings, the complexities of economic policies, the elections, n den again the drear monotony of day to day ablutions, from which the waves are a welcome turnover...
Anyway, disgressions apart, as i was lost in these contemplations n the church bell struck to announce 6 am ,i started walkin back, stil in my own world, least bothered abt d sea of ppl , engrossed in their self-conscious stroll, as a hand thrusts a bag of chips into mine!!!
I look at her, thinkin she has probably found d wrong person, or worse stil, does she xpect me to pay?? (I must confess i don carry any sorta money, even miniscule change wen i go in d mornin) I blink at her, but by den, v re surrounded by cameras, n i realise I'm on air!!! It s a tv show!!! As she holds the mike forward, I blabber answers to her questions, still in a sorta trance, n walk away speedily. (for readers who re unfamiliar with the Bessy Beach, ther re radio shows n tv programs, that give u complimentary gifts, n take interviews, conduct quizzes, etc!)
N at d end of the road s, of course, the guy who shoves "The Deccan Chronicle" into ur hands. Jus tat I ve got used to him.
(This with a sticker on the paper, announcin the name of his company or hotel or shop or watever!)
Furtherin my musings, i think, "Publicity alright! Bt publicity at the cost of human peace? Have v become so depraved as to use every minute of our lives in a self-centred business endeavour? (Im not anti- technology, i only wanna protect the despoilin of beauty, wherever t may lie!)

In the future, shant v have nethin to stop n stare?????

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wel, at times, while browsin one happpens to c one of those xtraordinary pics, that takes one's breathe away.I happened to chance upon one of em today mornin, n i tot ,sharing t on orkut or some such site wud be an iniquity to its beauty. So, dedicating one entire post to this beautiful bud smiling in between the awesome petals.....
Hope i find more such stuff to post under dis epithet!!

(Note: Wat i like the most abt t s d way she has captured color frm the sobre black n sordid white. Seems to tel me i too ve a chance to extract simple joys from an oderwise monotonous schedule!! (Note inside note: Darn the philospher in me who spoils every blog!))