Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let us ban the JEE

You know what. For once, I agree with the Congress. Actually more than agree with it. Let us ban the JEEs. No, seriously. Let us not just change them. Let us completely ban the JEEs because they are the root of all evil. (Proof: They are the root of money for most of their alumni, and hence the root of inflow of money into India from NRIs as precursors of the IT boom- and we all know what money is the root of.) But it's not just the money. As most of our media, and part of the blogverse has jumped in to prove, the IITs are the source of all our problems. Pliss to explain.

First of all, the JEE screws up your school life. Quite obviously. Most students spend almost all their time in studying for the exam for 2 years (or many more) practicing problems they shall never even see again. You know, if the JEE wasn't there, your parents wouldn't be behind you to study for the AIEEE or the PMPD or a few decades ago, the IAS exam. No. Your parents would simply let you watch TV all evening, play Gilli-Danda and get 40% on your finals. And anyway, we can skip board exams these days.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Why does my mind grow ever so fickle-
something so strong suddenly shrink with sorrow, subtle?
It is as if time weathered the surface of my mind,
And created those worry lines, wrinkle by wrinkle...

Why does my mind grow ever so precarious-
I wonder like Arjuna*, though centuries later,
While the AMPA receptors** were littered on surfaces various
were some sentiments also inadvertently sprinkled?

Why does my mind grow ever so morose-
do the years that crawl make the smiles forced
and like the hawk that draws on its prey ever close
little by little sculpt the joys into woes?

Time must be laughing at me, for after all,
He transformed the stone into a touch-me-not!

Some explanations: 

Just simply.... Wow!

This is so awesome that I HAD to write about it... Though ideally I should go back to studying/working on HWs etc... 

This is a blog by a 95 year old man!!! Just that is so awesome, I have been filled with wonder and inspiration for the last fifteen minutes (when I first found it and read right through to the first post! Thanks to Lightning Strikes Everyday!)

But he is not just any old man ranting away. He is one who can mix experience with humour and wisdom. Combine contradicting Upanishads and proverbs and argue which is truer based on his own experiences. And he hyperlinks to his old posts and so forth. "Awesome!" is just understating the whole thing.. 

Maybe in my naivete, I always thought old people have a hard time adjusting to technology. Besides, none of my grandparents (or other grandparents I know) are as tech savvy.. My grandfather might have become so (He is 93 now) but he lost his hearing and kind of stopped interacting a lot with us. And this site so reminds me of my own grandfather. But, about him, some other day. This man (the blogger) has proven it is possible to be updated after you are so old! But, then again, it is not just the age. It is his wisdom and and intelligence and sparkling wit..  And I must say this man is almost youthfully old in his style of writing!

People... Must.check.this.out!