Sunday, November 18, 2012


I, a fallen leaf, floating on the ocean
Away... Away...

The colors of distant islands enthrall
The lights of the big cities dizzy my mind
Oh, the sweeping smell of the strange waters,
Oh, the thrill of exploring the new,
Titillating my senses, again... again...

Time is no concern for me, 
I shall go back to that dear little coastal tree someday..
There is enough and more time to spend on adventure..

Yet there are moments when the heart grows weary of the novel
And longs for the fragrance of safety,
for the warmth of the well-known..
And I wonder why this heart is torn into two constantly
and I tell myself, they shall come together again.. Soon..

It seems just yesterday when the warm wind blew me away
and my journey began..
Yet I little realize that many a Fall has passed since that day,
Many summers and many springs..
That dear old tree is older now, parts of it wither away
New branches have sprouted on the side
And new shrubs have popped around..
The waves have grown rougher
Global warming or something they say..
But the reality in my memory is still the tree of that distant day..
And the nostalgia longs for something, an imaginary reality,
That never was, never shall be..
Yes, I tell myself- Soon... soon...
I tell myself
The day of turning back is nearer and nearer
And all shall be well again

But deep within I know
I know...
The roots are gone from me.. And my heart is given to two lovers now.. 
Never again shall I be able to leave one for the other
I know..
The day the wind blew me was the last day of calm
I have seen too much to rest anymore

Yes, I may have chosen this path unknowingly,
But waves never stop hitting the shore,
The wind never stops pacing the Earth.. 
I shall never feel at home again.. 

P.S: Many people have written about this kind of feeling.. So, in some sense this whole metaphor is just redundant.. So my excuse? Well, floating leaves like to rant too.. Sometimes, poetically :D