Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Artist

Though this comes on a relevant date, this is not related to M.F.Hussain at all! I was thinking of something and merely found the artist to be a very good metaphor...

He stood, brush in hand, pondering. Again.
A dash of yellow on the cheek,
but even then the complexion was not right.
A tad darker, a tad lighter, it went on like the monkey fable.
And yet, that image in his mind, shining clearer than ever. Tantalizing.
With each brush stroke he knew what was wrong,
But correct this one, and the right eye’s hazel is too strong.
Search as he may, for the ideal in the real,
it could never be as perfect as in the mind.
Maybe that inconspicuous yet irritating flaw
was what made reality real, and he had to give up;
Maybe his mind's ability to imagine it was the true masterpiece 

And he had to merely appreciate himself;
Or maybe it was both perfect and possible. And he was to go on searching after all...


  1. there is one more possibility. it cud b that his mind's ability is not so great. his strokes were so inferior, that he found his mind's ability to be a masterpiece. may b he was not that good an artist to begin with...

  2. @Srinath:
    Yes. That is definitely a possibility. Though your comment leaves me wondering why all the men I know well are such diehard pessimists...
    Anyway the point was not the artist.. It was the metaphor...

  3. "the point was not the artist.. It was the metaphor... "

    i guessed it as soon as i started reading. i thought that since i dont know what is being referred to d best thing 2 do wud b 2 comment on the artist and analyse your reply to get a better picture

  4. i see a bit of you here . never satisfied with what you have achieved :)

  5. @vignesh: You are right about the bit of me actually... But I think asking for more is my way of being satisfied ;)

  6. @Srinath: I know u d have guessed it... But I think u r lookin in too deep when the truth sparkles on the surface...

  7. Oh, damn! Another metaphor! :P

  8. Aim for the sky, then only you can reach the first floor :P

  9. @vignesh: It used to be tree top when I fell.. :P


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