Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why facebook is bad for blogging...

Uh oh!
I didn't want to do this ever again. Ever. This whole ordeal of I will post more regularly etc.
But you see, last month I was playing a lot (actually, any time  I could get out of office!)
On facebook, I mean. Farmville and Cafe World. 
I kinda wanted to be the first person to reach level 50 or something. (I had thought I will reach that and stop). Which isn't all that tough if you play after giving it a little thought. I sure reached level 20 odd in both, and quite quickly at that. And then somehow my mind wasn't into it at all. Last Saturday, when I was really free (I wanted to work too, but was too lazy to go to office), and I was just sitting at home in the heat, and amid many power cuts, which was really very ripe time for me to be playing, I simply didn't play. I guess I got too bored of it.
And by the time it was Monday, I wasn't even opening facebook. I don't know if I have mentioned, but before I began playing, I used to login to fb once in 6 months or so. Now you know why I didn't approve your friend request, huh? :P
Well, I observed a few things about the way these games were designed, about, about facebook itself, and of course, as always, about the human psyche. Will put them up in a later post maybe. Off home for a week, so until then wouldn't be around... So long...
(Hmmm. Good. Confession done :) Got over quickly enough :) )

P.S- In case you thought I'd do a serious post related to the title, well, sorry for disappointing you... Some other time, I promise :)