Thursday, November 26, 2009

To value or not to value?

I read this post some days back… Are Indian values simply habits??

[ 2 answers to this question---- value systems are in general inherited, whether we like it or not. Second- read on...]

Before I start let me admit I have no interest whatsoever in correcting the writer. In fact, apart from this post, his blog is simply one of the best I have ever read. However, wrt this post, I think he is partially correct (which implies partially wrong), but I don't think it necessary for me to correct/convince him. I am posting this only because his article triggered an interesting thought process in my head)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


(Pre-script ;) :- The title itself seems to announce some doom right?! )

And now what! 2012!

I don't know if I should laugh or not… But seriously, I am seeing too much of this world ending business lately. It's all over the net; it's everywhere! A bookstore-shelf full of 2012 books, and then of course, the movie…. (In any case, I am armed with at least one article that speaks some sense- check out this link!)

I don't know how many of us remember that, before 2000, people actually said the world would end by that year. This, complicated by the Y2K was enough to make many people lose their sleep. And 9 years later, here we are, facing the end of the world. (Quite funnily,) AGAIN!!!

And I really don't want to laugh-