Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life... Inundated!

A dream a dream… a dream I float along
Swept off my feet, off the forlorn song

Ripples of a shock so electric quickly flutter through me
And the very recollection of it leaves me overtaken by ecstasy

Was this me that lived yesterday and the day before?
Or has my soul been stolen by some spirit of lore?

Is this the same Earth that we walked on?
Or has it been replaced by the paradise this morn?

As the whispering autumn leaves crumbling under my feet
string a song of memories on a thread of the scorching heat

a glance, a wisp, a sudden bright phrase,
a breeze a nod- all merge into a single face

Was that just a word? Or a solid iron clasp-
that gripped my struggling soul and wringed this euphoric gasp?

Was it only a brief movement of your finger?
Or did the air turn piano and make that sweet music still linger?

Was that just a glance? Was this just an inadvertent touch?
Why did the air suddenly turn solid and yet radiate you so much?

This must be a dream, for the world is upside down;
For if this is real, in pleasure does life drown!!