Monday, December 3, 2012

7 things to live for..

In the dead of Dead week,  7 things that make me believe I'm NOT better off dead.. (Why 7? Because 7 is a number magical enough to be the number of Horcruxes a dark wizard makes. Or maybe, as George Carlin might say, to prove that it was not made up!)
  1. Tiramisu (And cheese cake) When people said chocolate was the food of Gods, I guess they hadn't known this recipe yet. 
  2. Nagumomu
  3. Sunrise. Anywhere in the world.
  4. Elliots beach at 5 in the morning. Goes with the last one, but the air of Elliots, the sound of the morning walkers and the Laughter club, the waves crashing on the shore and knowing I can walk back home to some hot coffee with The Hindu is a special piece of heaven.
  5. Calvin and Hobbes
  6. Filter coffee (in davara tumbler)
  7. Air conditioning. No, Seriously.
Things that almost made the list but didn't quite:
  1. Abstruse Goose (and Dilbert and PHD comics) 
  2. Kathrikai podi karamedhu (Brinjal fry made with dal) and Thengai thogaiyal. Not together, though.
  3. Gobhi manchurian (Or the Gobhi masala + Veechu at 3rd dhaba <the Raju Anna one>, NIT trichy :D)
  4. Nachos and cheese dip (At PVR, Bangalore). Preferably while watching a good movie with Smrithi and co. Potato Chips. Chocolate. Gulab Jamun.
  5. Butter. In any form.
  6. Ayn Rand
  7. Science (non linear dynamics, evolution, neuroscience, comp arch)
 I am making this list because Dead week is inherently depressing, and I hope these shall help me see the silver lining. Also, maybe because Gargi Nanjanath's recent fb post reminded me to be thankful for some things (in case I end up not doing so). 

And I guess, anytime in the future when I get very depressed, I will look back at this list.

By the way, it might look like some of these things can be grouped up. But I think that each item on the list is special enough to have a place on its own.