Monday, September 29, 2008

I had almost forgotten that I had not put up the title for the story! N worse stil, the title I had intended... but then, "Better late than never!", so renamed it this mornin...
The title that came closest to what I wanted was "Murphy Reloaded!" Thanks to Priyadarshini for tat. I also considered "Gone with the wind! " But that reveals the story way too much...
Anyway, thanks for ur support...
N yes, I hope to be a lil more regular in posting... Lets c...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Whew! Finallly!! Been trying to put something up for so long... but if Im good at one thing, it is making excuses, n i obviously came up with the idea of placements and the routine stuff.. So, for the time bein, jus one poem tat i dashed off... (Quite a few stories wer sposed to be put up, n somethin on lehmann's bankruptcy, but i really am not placed yet, u kno... :( )


Crawling years that refused to go by,
filled by a desire to meet an adversary,
The belief in a silent promise hidden somewhere
making everything ever so magical;

And then a discovery, of the finest I could hope for
A competition, a pain, an equal brain,
To walk against, at each step, and to oppose,
to constantly struggle, and for wits, to match, against;

It was a challenging race, and a spring of joy
and yet, it’s over now- I lost!
There is nothing left in me now to reach the finishing line
After all, the race is over- I am spent!

I search within myself for an answer I had when life began
Where is the cheer? The promise? The hope?- I am empty!!