Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Whew! Finallly!! Been trying to put something up for so long... but if Im good at one thing, it is making excuses, n i obviously came up with the idea of placements and the routine stuff.. So, for the time bein, jus one poem tat i dashed off... (Quite a few stories wer sposed to be put up, n somethin on lehmann's bankruptcy, but i really am not placed yet, u kno... :( )


Crawling years that refused to go by,
filled by a desire to meet an adversary,
The belief in a silent promise hidden somewhere
making everything ever so magical;

And then a discovery, of the finest I could hope for
A competition, a pain, an equal brain,
To walk against, at each step, and to oppose,
to constantly struggle, and for wits, to match, against;

It was a challenging race, and a spring of joy
and yet, it’s over now- I lost!
There is nothing left in me now to reach the finishing line
After all, the race is over- I am spent!

I search within myself for an answer I had when life began
Where is the cheer? The promise? The hope?- I am empty!!


  1. Whoa! great work, but why would u want a rival, a challenge? Is life not complicated as it is?

  2. Lol.... Mayb i was simply bored of wat was already there.. :) :) or mayb i dint find the challlenges interestin enuf... thnx neway...

  3. I find most of your poems kinda hinting that you're either clueless or rather not too pleased with the way things proceed in your life...

    Well, is it???

    Or u jus penning 4 fun?

  4. Neither. Im usually quite pleased with my life! :) But i write poems only wen im not. Else i write stories. ;)


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