Saturday, October 4, 2008

I am not a 300 word blogger!!!

5 days (actually, only 4) holidays, and a hostel empty enough for me to get online at any time I please... Now you know why I have been posting daily! :D (i wanted to put a wicked smile there, but dunno which smiley to use for that!!!)
Well, this time though, I didn't try completing my short stories- after a point, you know it's getting futile... I decided instead to go on a round of blogs (mostly my collegemates') and do a little reading. I must admit it was an interesting exercise. But what struck me a lil too glaringly was that when a post got to be more than 300 words, I read ONLY if it was a review or something. I jus skipped the ones that were abt coll events n stuff if they wer long. Im a VERY impatient reader, I guess. (On second thoughts, that is also not true! I don't mind staying up for 1000 page novels, but I just can't stand staring at the monitor, for beyond 400 words! Maybe, I m not that modern yet! :( )
Anyway, the moral of the story was a lil too bitter for me to take! Cos on my own blog, I ve very few posts tat are short. But I try making them as short as i can. Maybe I have too many things to say. (That is a chronic problem with me, u know- I always have too much to say; and torture my friends by non-stop talking! :D) I thought and thought and thought.... (on how to reduce the length of my posts, of course!!)
And then it dawned on me- yes, a simple statement that proved to be the remedy ( i was too tempted to use 'panacea' here! :P ) to all my problems! --- The simple realisation that "I am not a 300 word blogger!!"
I mean, I just can't write posts that short, conveying at least half of what I wanna say... I ve really tried.. Only Microsoft Word can tell you how many sentences I delete, and how many phrases I replace with single words, and yet, word count never decreases!! :( So, now i ve decided... to leave things as they are.. and continue.. And declare to the world with head held high (Tagore likes that, doesn't he?!) that I shall write what I like, n rattle on and on, till they shut their ears, and then to proudly smile and say- "
I am not a 300 word blogger!"

(Special Note:- T S Eliot is more popular for his 1000 line poem than for his shorter verses! :) :) )

(Bonus special note (NOT added to increase word count!):- Pls dont comment saying I need a course on more effective communication or something. ;) U kno I don't take advice... N ya, i really like writing long posts... :D )


  1. Never mind dudette.. when u r trying to cut short ur views on something its always at a loss..n as far as ur non-stop talking is concerned i'm glad to be on the receiving end:)

    ]) does that look like a wicked smiley? no it doesn't.. u carry on..

  2. Well, i must admit here [it's quite relevant, I guess, given your own take on your "talking(?!?) abilities"] that I find your blog posts more interesting to read than your un-ending verbal rattlings !!!
    [Probably coz u're monotonous & wear no expressions wen u speak]

    [It's quite ironical , as in general, I am more patient a listener than a reader!]

    So never mind the length, as long as it makes a good reading...

  3. @ priyadarshini:
    Thnx! :) n the smile(?)y looks wicked.. at least, on second thoughts!

    @ navin(not tryin the tamil font):
    I wish u could appreciate without pulling my leg! :(
    but thnx... at least, u dint say it made a bad reading!!
    (N.B.: "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!!!")

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  7. @ Suchi

    Well,, I realised, a bit tooo late rather, that I'd actually forgotten to append an important line @ the fag end of my previous post, which I'm including now:

    P.S. : To be treated in GOOD HUMOUR

  8. And As for the wicked smile, how about this one ...
    ....... :-E

    or this ... :-E)

  9. @ navin
    i kno its in good humour... :) :)
    thnx neway.. n the smiley(?) is wicked enuf!!! Gues wicked ppl make wicked smileys easily... :P :P

  10. ummm.. wicked enough to be your friend, I suppose, Ms. 'Intel'ligent :)


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