Sunday, December 7, 2008


I know I haven't been around for quite a while. But by now, you are probably used to it!! Anyway, here is a poem that I wrote yesterday morning (There are a few others I wrote too, but not got much time to put them up now. Maybe some other time this week....). It is titled "Perception" and I ll leave you to guess why.. :) :)

Forests of green and lemon yellow, birds of purple plumes
Sunlight on dewdrops and primroses on the brook side…
As I walk along the mountain paths, not so struck by the beauty
The clouds try to charm me and the twittering behind- music
Yet my ears have become tone deaf today!
I have never walked with you on these paths,
Never once told you how much I love the moon,
Never did we have the time to speak of my dreams, and yours
But all through there had been a chance, a silent promise…
Maybe they were only fireflies and I mistook them
But I always thought these footprints shall be filled by yours,
And today, when I know you shall not return,
Though the beauty remains guileless and chaste- I only think-
"What a magnificent waste!"


  1. "But I always thought these footprints shall be filled by yours,"
    beautiful line.. loved it!


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