Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Unspoken

I have wrote of sorrow, of joy and nature, 
Of the little girl that smelt beauty in soap cartons,
Of sunsets and valleys filled with roses,
But never did a tide befall my heart, as today-
A tide of words, of you and of love,
Of an emptiness that bade me to speak yet sealed my lips
Of the debris of castles I had once built;
Of a dream once dreamt that would never come true
But still dreamt and re-dreamt-
Alas, if only we could live in our dreams!
I wish to write till the words form a passage to enter your heart,
And yet the word-souls refuse to take lives;
Maybe our love was destined to be,
Not just unsuccessful, but also to remain unsaid!!

(I wrote this poem very long ago- I don't know why I never put it up!
And this is the 25th post of the one-month challenge I gave myself!)

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