Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Unexpected inspiration

Inspiration can come from many many quarters... Like last Sunday, a duck inspired me to think of ways to make my life more meaningful! (Not kidding- but keeping THAT story for later...)

I have been inspired by many books, quite a few people, some movies,very very few movie-makers and actors. The last is partly because many actors receive their due from society much more than teachers, social workers, doctors and most other people who are much more deserving. In fact, many actors don't even deserve the praise they get right now, so maybe I am a lot more disillusioned about the movie industry's "struggle" in general.
Of course, once in a while, you find that one person who is an exception and is inspiring. Very rarely you find two people (or an entire crew) that is.

But if this isn't inspiring- I don't know what is!- (Link)

P.S: I realized that many people might not get why I was inspired by this interview (not just the movie!). So here goes:
  • The commitment he had to do all the research it took to make a great movie. 
  • The intelligence to differentiate between slapstick and innocence. Seriously, it's great there is ONE sensible filmmaker. 
  • The fact that he knew what he was doing and worked to create a piece of art that became what he wanted it to (which is one of the most difficult things about art!)- "This is a story about how India’s independence was also a dark moment. About the lost childhood of Milkha. About growing up to become a forgotten hero." and "The screenplay had to be kept fluid at all times, so that everyone could bring in their own interpretation." 
  • Farhan Akhtar (-need I say more?)

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