Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Laura (Part 1 of 3)

Today's is the 27th post of the one-month challenge. As the finale, I thought I will write a short story in 3 parts. This is based on a real-life story I heard from one of my former colleagues. The characters and incidents are partly fictitious, but the main incident is real. I had started this very long ago, but as I wrote the last few parts yesterday, I was also inspired by this video for some of the description.

I don’t really have a very clear memory of the first time I saw her. Not a photographic memory, at least. But I can still remember her aura (or whatever you call it) and the general feeling she evoked in me. She was jumping over a fence actually, and it was a little too high even for her long legs. That was Prof. Sharma’s’ garden, a shortcut from the cafeteria to our classes, which we didn't use because, as I said, it was Sharma’s garden, and you don’t meddle around with Sharma! She was wearing some kind of denim shorts, and a pale green T-shirt I think. Pale green or pale blue? Or was it light chocolate? I don’t remember that very well- I told you I only have a vague memory. But I remember I could smell a faint whiff of perfume from where I stood. And that I was standing across the street wearing my jacket over some blackish shirt, and dark grey jeans and sneakers, holding a few books. Not a great chap to look at. But passable, I hoped.

I didn't have so much of a crush on her, or anything like that, but I just... well, I wouldn't mind it at all if she would notice me. Also, I kind of liked her energy. You just had to glance at her, and you would feel a lot better. You know... cheerful, bubbly and all that. She wasn't smiling really, but it was as if the whole air around her was singing with joy. She looked like she was waiting to discover some new adventure lurking around the corner; like she thought reality had no room for sorrow! Well, while I was thinking thus, she had jumped and walked across and vanished in no time, (not remained frozen in the air like in the movies) and I was still standing there, a little awestruck. Or bowled over. And my mind full of the memory of the perfume, I walked away.

It was just that day. After a few days, she was out of my mind, and I was dating Seo-yun anyway. I think someone mentioned her name as something or the other, but I always remembered her only by her perfume. And that feeling she evoked. In any case, I heard she was doing architecture and that she was very good at it. If only she weren't that bubbly, she would have been a nerd. In any case, that’s all I found about her, my circles being vastly different from hers (I was always with the electrical engineering guys, and literature girls- because Seo-yun was doing French literature). Besides, we had tests, exams, Seo-yun’s PMS and ensuing fights, Saturday nights, alcohol, movies, and soccer-- enough to keep a man’s mind busy.

I was supposed to be deciding my research area, and was trying to decide between cognitive radios and transistor-lasers. Both were pet topics of mine, but in quite different domains, and I didn't know which to pursue. So I was spending a lot of time in the library reading, in the hope that somehow the odds would suddenly tip in favor of one of the topics.

On one such day, while I was reading some radio routing book, I noticed a sudden vibration in the atmosphere. (OK. I admit that’s an exaggeration!) No points for guessing who had just moved to the chair right opposite me! I continued to look into my book as if nothing had happened. Though I did steal a few quick glances. Nice pink T shirt, denim shorts again- those cute, really short ones. And awesome skin, a touch of pale pinkish lipstick, and... well, let’s just say she was stunning. It was hard for me to turn to page 453.

It was an hour maybe, and after a lot more glances and nsfw observations. I was trying to solve some equation of sorts, and of course, that was difficult with her around. I just wanted to talk to her. Nothing else, mind you. Anyway, I looked up to catch her staring at me. I was a little embarrassed. Or maybe, a little surprised. Her cheeks were just a shade too pink. The bubbly aura was gone and replaced by a demureness, almost an innocence, which strangely gave her an angelic beauty. And she was looking at ME!

(To be continued...)


  1. good one...this guy has a crush in part 1, which will blossom in part 2, and take a weird/scary twist in part 3, right? :)

    All the best on the challenge!

  2. Ha ha.. You have cracked the anatomy of 3-part love stories :)
    And thanks on the challenge! :)


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