Wednesday, November 11, 2009


(Pre-script ;) :- The title itself seems to announce some doom right?! )

And now what! 2012!

I don't know if I should laugh or not… But seriously, I am seeing too much of this world ending business lately. It's all over the net; it's everywhere! A bookstore-shelf full of 2012 books, and then of course, the movie…. (In any case, I am armed with at least one article that speaks some sense- check out this link!)

I don't know how many of us remember that, before 2000, people actually said the world would end by that year. This, complicated by the Y2K was enough to make many people lose their sleep. And 9 years later, here we are, facing the end of the world. (Quite funnily,) AGAIN!!!

And I really don't want to laugh- it pains me not to understand why people love hearing about the end of the world. Just look at it! No hype stories, not much of war news and economy moving out of recession—and then another end-of-the-world frenzy starts over. I can't even blame the guys who start it—it is such a perfect formula to make a quick buck – simply write a pseudoscientific theory and go to your publisher—and of course, while the sceptics' voices continue to get drowned, IT WORKS!!

What surprises me is why people buy these theories at all. Why do people like to hear of an end to this world? I don't think it makes anybody any happier (don't tell me it does—then we have something really fishy about mankind here!) And if it does make us feel worse, why do people keep subscribing to it? The only other alternative that occurs to me (yeah, I know I have a poor understanding of mankind's queer ways) is that people are so tired of this world, SO very troubled by it that they want this whole ordeal to end. But I don't think we are THAT troubled yet. Any day, living on planet Earth and enduring it till a better tomorrow seems to be a much better option than dying altogether! Or maybe they want to meet God and have the judgment day over with! Yet, if you consider the fact that most of us would rather not have to face a judgment day, surely the majority of us doesn't want it any sooner.

And come on, so what if the world is going to end --Is there anything we can do about it now? I mean, if some planet or asteroid or something like that is going to hit us and it cannot be averted, of what use is worrying anyway? If something is beyond our control, is spreading the bad news going to help? Wouldn't it be better to sit down and hope for the best?

And I mean it even for the religious-- Do we really think that God will change the design of his creation if we worry too much about it? Or if we pray enough? He didn't ask us before he created us, and we can be quite sure he is not going to ask us about the destruction either. (Thinking of it, if we knew enough to advise him on what to do best, why would he be God in the first place?!) Maybe he has his own reasons- anyway, we can't tell!

So… what is my point? Yup, don't believe in the theories. But even if one chooses to believe in it, the best way to welcome the end of the world is with a happy, contented face- content that at least from the minute I heard about it, I lived my life happily. Yup, That's what I mean- if the end of the world is nearing, it only gives us more reason to be happy and make others happy, for whatever time is left. (Another reason why I like the Cadburys' guys… he.. he…)
In short, enjoy maadi! :D
P.S.:- The second part of "Are you significant" is on it's way; expect one or two posts on other topics before it arrives!


  1. Hey suchitra..
    First time here... This is a nice post.

    Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad that you enjoyed thiruvasagam posts. I will try my best to posting more. Somehow I get distracted and could not get back on them.
    Thanks for your sweet motivation !!


  2. Like you said..its hard to believe that people buy such theory..anyways..

  3. @Priya:
    Hi... Thanks...
    And I was thinking of putting up a post on your work... So please do update :) (Though I very much understand when you say you aren't able to get back to them) In any case, it has been god so far :)


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