Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mundaneness and Maxims

Ha! A blog topic…

These days I am so lost that when I really found something to rant on, this was the first expression that came to my mind…

(For those of u who don’t like what we Chennai people so fondly call build-up, skip this para.) Anyway, while I was chatting (as I always am), my friend made a statement… it was routine, normal, nothing spectacular; but it takes a really ordinary statement to spark an idea in your head!

It’s simply that there are a few adages that you come across .. (Call them ideas/fundae if you like). You love them the first time u hear- they actually seem mind-blowing. And with time, they get boring. (chaat is the right word for it! Bless the soul who discovered the word- one legacy of NITT-ians to the world.. he… he… For those of u who dunno “chaat”, see end of article) Like, yesterday, somebody’s status message says- “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, only today is a gift- that is why it is called the ‘present’ ”

Ya, it is true, quite valid, and very much the same good idea that it was when I heard it the first time. But by now, I have heard it so many times, that anyone starts saying it, and I go “chaaaaaattttt” in my head. And yet, it does seem an injustice to the idea- I mean, what harm did it do, that one day I think its brilliant and later I think it’s pathetic? Even worse, the first person who told me that (maybe then I was only a little kid)- I’d have thought he was oh, so bright and given him an extra 5 points in my mind. And today if anyone says the same thing, I think, “O, what the hell!” and zoink! my impression of that person has spiraled right down (in other words, -20 points!).

Crazy how the human mind works, eh??

Anyway, it’s almost like we lose the charm that life held for us when we were small (ya, i know- “return to childhood” is a really stupid theory, as all “return to this or return to that” theories are.) But I remember one speech I heard at Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Trivandrum… hey wait, that’s not what we were discussing, right… We were talking about adages and not childhood-is-the-best-phase-of-life. So, let’s keep it for another day – though I know those “another day”s never dawn, but still… After all, hope is what keeps life running (n now, u don’t say “chaaaaatttttt”)

<“chaat”= “boring” version with advanced features and additional meanings … for that ultimate language experience… download NOW!!!---- ahem, u got what chaat is, didn’t u? ;) >

1. The phrase that triggered this post was “Change is the only constant”.
2. There are a lot more phrases that are chaat. I will add them as and when I remember- For instance,
"Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently" (And anything else you read in ‘You can win’ )

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