Saturday, August 18, 2007


At times I wish I could go back to u,
jus for a day, or maybe two...
Not completely real, but like in a drem,
soft and inconsequent, but enjoyable...
not changing the tide of life as i go on,
but jus a ripple here, a ripple der,
a mild soothing dawn...
We can never go back to wat v wer, im sure,
nor start again wat has now become sour...
Yet in passing moments,
lost in loneliness, when time stands still,
I wonder if v could be together,
n not let time, our happiness, kill,
But tomorrow shud start with us alone and separate,
lest the remnant of love in my heart decay into hate..
Love can bloom twice, my frnd, but die only once,
n v can savour the memories of the dead,
not resurrect em...
No, not resurrect em...


  1. Great poems ...and the preface to ur poems ...amazing exhibition of a poet's insight...
    Continue with ur excellent work..

  2. hmmm.. thanks.... keep commentin.. :)


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