Saturday, August 4, 2007

On the romanticisms of nature lovers n the publicity hawks

I walk along the Eliot's (fondly called Bessy Beach), Chennai dis morning. I simply love the morning beach, it s among the few things of beauty in which man cannot match the skills of nature. I dunno hw t happens, bt the waves are so satisfyin tat wenever i stand at the edge of d water, they make me wish i could stand ther forever...
Away from al the sad realities of life, the sorrows, the jealousies, the push-u-downs , the pull-me-ups, the stinking slums, the city-reflectin mirrors of IT parks , the mathematical equations, the humungous astronomical theories n d minute quarkisms, the greeting cards, poems , paintings, the complexities of economic policies, the elections, n den again the drear monotony of day to day ablutions, from which the waves are a welcome turnover...
Anyway, disgressions apart, as i was lost in these contemplations n the church bell struck to announce 6 am ,i started walkin back, stil in my own world, least bothered abt d sea of ppl , engrossed in their self-conscious stroll, as a hand thrusts a bag of chips into mine!!!
I look at her, thinkin she has probably found d wrong person, or worse stil, does she xpect me to pay?? (I must confess i don carry any sorta money, even miniscule change wen i go in d mornin) I blink at her, but by den, v re surrounded by cameras, n i realise I'm on air!!! It s a tv show!!! As she holds the mike forward, I blabber answers to her questions, still in a sorta trance, n walk away speedily. (for readers who re unfamiliar with the Bessy Beach, ther re radio shows n tv programs, that give u complimentary gifts, n take interviews, conduct quizzes, etc!)
N at d end of the road s, of course, the guy who shoves "The Deccan Chronicle" into ur hands. Jus tat I ve got used to him.
(This with a sticker on the paper, announcin the name of his company or hotel or shop or watever!)
Furtherin my musings, i think, "Publicity alright! Bt publicity at the cost of human peace? Have v become so depraved as to use every minute of our lives in a self-centred business endeavour? (Im not anti- technology, i only wanna protect the despoilin of beauty, wherever t may lie!)

In the future, shant v have nethin to stop n stare?????

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  1. I went at 12 mid night to the elliots beach with cousins once and was met with the same pamphlets, stickers blah blah..pity the beach has turned into a place for 'business endeavours' as u rightly put it!
    nice post again:) keep it goin:)


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