Friday, January 29, 2010

Are you significant? -Part 2

Before I begin- link of the day. Makes me nauseate and I don't know what else :( (Got it from Shruthi's blog)

(Continued from Part-1)
So yes, I am back after quite a few months with that same nagging question- Are you significant?

But wait, doesn't asking this question implies asking a few more questions-
What is significant and what is not?
Why should I be significant? (Rather, should I be significant at all?)

Well. Going in reverse order…. It pretty much is left to the individual to choose whether to be significant or not (Not considering infamous *ollywood heroes who were ordinary young men till fate played a bad hand with their lives). There are quite a few people who wish to be one in a million- safe and faceless. There does seem to be some pleasure in being one among many; people who enjoy all the little things of life and do not aspire for anything more than a simple, contented life away from the hubbub of the world.
But almost all of us, deep underneath have always had a desire to stand out, if only to be appreciated for being unique. When you won your first running race, or were named the fastest tree climber of your neighborhood, there was an unmatchable pleasure in that! And why? Because nobody could climb as fast as you could. Nobody could climb that very slippery tree behind the temple, but you could.

Yes, all of us want to be unique. And remembered. For our lives to be ... ya, SIGNIFICANT. If someone were to tell us that all that we strived for and all that we did were utterly pointless, we wouldn't like it at all.
As often as we join the mob and hoot along, and enjoy the fun of being one in a group, we always feel better when we do well. When we are good at that one thing we like. And that one thing brightens our life like nothing else does. (Not even mega-serial-heroines-ethura-kuthuvilakkus!)

Well. So that's the point. Why be significant? Because that is what we want in our heart of hearts. And if we can do it without encroaching on anybody else's significance (unlike Tamil cinema villains who go "EAI…… Enaku kedakaadadhu vera yaarukume keadakoodadhu da…") why shouldn't we be?

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