Monday, January 11, 2010

Another idiot review

3 idiots.

Much has been told about this movie already, if not too much. And yet, when I saw the movie, there was at least one minute when it touched my heart. And for the fact that most movies don't do that these days- the movie was awesome! :)

Yes, standard theme. And clichéd characters. And Bollywood masala moments. And yet, it was narrated well, and acted out so well that it was a good movie.

Now of course, I could tell you the flaws, as I usually do--

That, as all Hindi movies do, they missed out on some fine details- like what exact branch do the characters study in- I thought Mechanical but somehow the dialogues seem to point to Electrical!

That there were too many standard Hirani stuff- (refer to Munnabhai) -- the ragging scenes, first day speech by the strict (and weirdo) director of institute, who is taught a lesson in the end, and who has a motherless doctor daughter on the hero's side- a daughter who gives a showdown towards the end, the dad trying to set a tough paper, the hero trying to be a life-saver, the senti bit about "AAL IZZ WELL" (similar to the hugging funda in Munnabhai)-- so many that you could have thought this was "Munnabhai III- the rise of FPS"!

That most jokes were internet forwards that most of us already knew.

That in the real education system, if your teachers don't like you, you aren't topping the college (unless it is an external university examination!), however much you know.

That painting poverty in black and white doesn't make it funny (I didn't like it at all! L )

And so on …

But what was sparkling in the movie was the way all those redundant fundae were interwoven into a beautiful narrative. In fact, since they were cliché, it is all the more astounding that so many of us enjoyed the movie as much as we did!

And then there were the few moments where those splashes of reality really got u. For instance, when Prof Irani told Rancho ki "tum har baar sahi nahi ho sakte". I think I loved him at that moment- when you discover the most basic things you thought about life were wrong, it shakes you badly and he showed that well. Or the fact that even though he mugged, Chatur was also a wealthy guy in the end (which is the reason why people still want u to follow the herd!).

And that line about engineers doing MBA- why do I think they were hitting Chetan Bhagat with that one? :P

Also the ending, when you knew Aamir would be Chatur's Wangdu, and yet enjoyed the whole fun of finding that out and proving it to Chatur-- we all like giving it back to the bad guys, don't we?!

In any case, I have always felt that a movie should do at least one of two things– make you think and entertain. Some movies just entertain, they can't be real and don't have a moral, but are still worth watching. Others are there to make you think, at least for a minute.

3 idiots did both! And while I still think it could have been without the minuses, I think everyone should go watch it anyway!


  1. truly agree with the whole post.every bit of it.

  2. good review about the movie only those things u like......good keep it up

  3. @lavanya:
    idiots seldom differ ;)


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