Monday, January 18, 2010

The Auric-models-of-the-Earth and the cinema-of-rebirth

Is this the season of screwed up awards?!

Maybe the end of the world is really nearing, so people thought they could just give away awards to whoever they please. (Or wish to please).

Obama getting the Nobel was one thing, and now Avatar getting the Golden Globe! Whatever happened to the days when a movie had to be "good" to win an award? Or a person was expected to really "do" something before getting the Nobel?
Maybe 6 months down, we can get degrees without even being a student of the college (or being a Tamil politician!). Imagine how good it would be to chuck the whole coaching-entrance-counselling routine! Or to get jobs without the written-GD-PI process! (Maybe you would suggest one gets married without the muster your courage-propose-date routine, but that is already there in the Indian system!)

But hey, you tell me, the Avatar guys made a movie after all! And they earned a lot of money with it! Ya, they pleased the masses. And ya, they had good graphics. But since when have we started calling technological advancement as artistic greatness?! Then I guess we should start awarding the Googles and TIs (and Intels ;) ) and Microsofts of the world the Oscars for Best Motion picture, Best OST etc. And the Sunfeasts and Tru-Nices the Olympic medals for weight-lifting and archery! (No. They have no connection AT ALL with sports!) Or Sania the Wimbledon! (Don't tell me she shouldn't be awarded, because she really plays tennis!). Or how about "Two States" for the Man Booker? …

Ok. Enough of that. But seriously, after you see a movie like "The Lives of Others", how can you even imagine Avatar is good?! (No, I am not going to tell you how beautiful TLO was, or how they had narrated an utterly simple story so well!) And after you read this perfect description of Avatar's story, how can you even call it 'good' cinema, let alone 'great'?!

Well, well, I only hope the world doesn't get stuck in this award-anybody-anything mode!!

Epilogue ...


"Hello… Ya, speaking… What? Did you say you want to award ME "The Best Trasher Award"? MEEE??? :) :) :) Instead of Sudish Kamath (THE HINDU) and The Vigil Idiot? But… of course… I truly deserve it, don't I? Ya, ya, thank you…. And ya, the Nobel guys were right… and so were the golden globbies… oh come on, who cares about TLO………"

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