Sunday, June 23, 2013


The words glistened and he thought, 'Needs more irony'.
A dash of words and the previously palpable poem began to mean.

I usually think I should not force my interpretations on my readers. So read on only if you have thought enough about what you think this means. This TTT is based on a poem we had in school- Ars Poetica. I hated the poem when I first read it, but later in life I began to adore it. Archibald Macleish says "A poem should be palpable and mute, like a globed fruit" and "A poem should not mean, but be".
I read my previous TTT and felt that I had made the same mistake the guy in today's poem does. The poem began to mean, and not be.
Oh, by the way, today's is under 140 characters :)


  1. Remember hw v usd to argu abt dis poem...

  2. Remember hw v usd to argu abt dis poem...

  3. Ya I do.. And I remember thinking it was a dumb poem (or a "mute" poem?!) ..

    Though I realized that the one poem that isn't even a poem is Sally in the Alley.. My brother reminded me of that one.. My second most hated poem is Battle of Blenheim..


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