Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ah! I had almost forgotten the pleasure of writing (or typing, to be precise!). But the big machine of daily life tends to crush you in its monstrous wheels (why the hell do I sound like Im a damned 18th century writer??!!), and you are unable to squeeze those minutes from your day to blog.

(Well done, Suchithra, as ever you retain your ability to spin yarn! :) )

OK readers.. The real reason is this.. I had a very short vacation and couldn't blog. And Im joining work next week so I ve no clue when I will be back next. Hope its soon...

So long...


  1. Even if you abandon it for a while, you can come back and start again!
    That's the beauty of it! :-P

    Keep posting!

  2. @ Akhil:
    True indeed! :) Blogging has a place for everyone- the lazy girls like me, nad the regulars like u.. :P he..he...

  3. and busy bodies like me ;) (with reference to ur prev comment to Akhil :D )


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