Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In the name of education...

Most of us have seen the IIPM ads. N a lot of ppl know its trash. However, here is a page I saw (Courtesy: Avinass. It was his status message!) that gave proof.
And for the sake of those people who might not have realized it is a fraud, I thought we should spread the word.

Do check the page, if you are interested. But even if you aren’t, please forward the link; you never know which of ur friends might forward it to someone who was about to ruin his life by joining!!!


  1. Holy crap !!! Knew twas a fraud, but not this big ! Thanks (tho it doesn't add value to me.. still.. )

  2. @Aarthi:
    Ya..Same here. That's why I put it up... The magnitude of the fraud we wouldn't have known...


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