Thursday, October 18, 2012

It doesn't matter

A twitch of your arm muscle, a small patch of your skin,
both our eyes meeting, though we knew we weren’t supposed to be looking at each other
both our eyes not meeting because I avoided your eyes so you don’t see I was looking at you
your sparkling smile that spontaneously made me burn with desire
your one word compliment that made you take my hand and dance inside my head
making my day one unending song…

We never really spoke to each other, except insignificant courtesies
Yet even your ‘hello’s were special, somehow different from the rest
That day when we were talking shop- and I disagreed with your idea vehemently
Did you know that when I explained the ODEs, I was actually professing undying love for you?

I always thought I saw a twinkle in your eyes, when you saw me alone
Maybe I was imagining- but I shall never know-
We parted our ways without ever finding out…

It doesn’t matter of course,
we always knew this wouldn’t happen- this was never meant to be
And yet your silence titillated my senses in ways nobody’s touch ever did
You made me happy and proud, though I knew it was all in my head
Yes, our time “together” was simple ecstasy
But of course, it doesn’t matter.

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