Sunday, July 18, 2010


I had to write a review on inception. I had to, because, it is among the BEST movies I have ever seen. Even though it does not fall in my usual definitions of best. I could say I had to do this, even though I am very much stuck for time, because, it is a movie that makes me take my "hat off and bow and kneel before and say 'that was great!'" But the real reason is what "lightning strikes everyday" says on his blog- "It is a movie that treats the audience with intellectual respect"
It is a movie that is not only intelligent, but demands an equal intelligence from the audience (not equal maybe, but at least approximately so) to appreciate it. (Of course that doesn't include people who read Wikipedia explanations or fake an understanding of the movie.) But each person individually would know how much he understood of the movie, and also that that indicates a lot about his intelligence, which was in itself a great feat!*

In any case, it is really refreshing to see a movie that demands something of you- some sort of a challenge, expects you to think on your toes etc, if only to understand, instead of making you a mere spectator. Because Nolan wastes very little time in explaining his concept- he expects you to grasp it as quickly as his characters and move forward! In fact, while I was watching the movie I thought maybe in future, we should have interactive movies. Games are like that already, but somehow they don't feel the same way! Anyway, that was really enjoyable- like a puzzle. And seemed to show the sense of respect the director had on the spectator- if you get what I mean!

But that was not the only thing. The plot and the screen play were so cleverly done, you did not have a minute to think about all that I just said, or find flaws, or notice the theme or acting. Not that I found any problem with any of these. But the beauty was that they were so perfectly executed to form an extremely enjoyably riveting tale. Each minute you were waiting for the next, caught in the dream (metaphorically speaking) Nolan had managed to create and hungry for more.

To create a movie that engrosses the spectator requires talent, though it can often be achieved by speed of plot, and incorporation of impasses, that the hero shall eventually come out of- in short, a mindless race is all that u need! To create a movie that makes the spectator think a lot after watching it, that sows interesting questions in his mind to ponder about, and performs the "inception" of new ideas and possibilities in his mind about the world, is an art; but often, movies that make you think are a little boring, over-serious, slow or too documentary-like.
Inception was both engrossing and thought-provoking! And if for nothing else, it is a great movie on this account alone!

Well, (Spoiler alert!) about the plot itself, there were many interesting ideas in the tale. For instance, I had thought about this dream-within-dream funda long ago, when it had just seemed an interesting recursion. But the way Nolan has used it is amazing. Again, about being lost in the dream world (or limbo, as he calls it) is an idea worth pondering about. And even the fact that ideas are like cancer! That statement simply makes me go "!!!!!" Anyway, too many such interesting thoughts in the movie, so I won't go into the plot or ending in any further detail. (Am welcome to any offline discussions on this topic...)

All that I will say before I finish is- Inception is one of those movies that make you wonder if all the other movies you saw were movies at all- they simply look like trash in comparison with this one!***
*It just struck me- I think I would have people watch such movies, or better still, create them to prove their intelligence instead of written entrance exams. I mean, I would have an exam where I would make them watch a movie or video alone (obviously syllabus not mentioned before) and then give them questions on the video and see how well they answer them. That's all. I can already see how many of the toppers and so-called intelligent people I know would fail such an exam! And imagine how interesting an exam that would be!!! :)

**Going further on my exam idea, I think it might still not work in India, because our students would attend coaching classes on all movies that may or may not make any sense and practice 45000 questions before the exam! So my pursuit for the ideal exam continues!! :(

*** Especially, all Indian movies! Man, if I were a standard Indian director, I would have committed suicide in shame after seeing Inception!



  1. Going to watch tomorrow da :)

    Am already a huge fan of Nolan after Memento and Prestige

    Do check out my blog -->

  2. @vignesh:
    Ya I have seen ur blog :) And for Nolan, I am sure u ll become an even bigger fan now! :)

  3. @vignesh:
    addendum- u write well! :)


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