Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Year, A New Name


And yet another new year goes by. And it kinda makes me awestruck and guilty at the same time – this is the third New Year this blog has seen. And yet, I have an average of 15.67 posts per year and 1.5 posts per month (including the 5-6 I-shall-blog-more-regularly-from-now-on). As for New Year resolutions, I know that the trend today is to say "I don't have any resolutions, anyway everybody breaks them" (Another statistic- 11 out of 15 celebrities have said this in THE HINDU). And I can't say I have ever been much of a fan of New Year resolutions myself. Not that I think resolutions are useless, but I don't think I need any special day to make resolutions.

Anyway, last month I resolved to post more often. And to change my blog a little- and the poll on the sidebar and the ratings etc were a result of that. And now that I know I can keep that resolution for a month, I presume I can keep it for a year.

And as my little paraphrase states, the time has come for you people to tell me what else can be done about this blog. So please vote. (Or more welcome- mail me!)

And continue to comment.
And the time has also come for me to rename my blog-

"Among other things"

Why- you might ask. Because French is difficult to pronounce. And this phrase best describes my blog. Of course, I was strongly tempted to use "Inter Alia", but I have decided not to repeat my mistake. Also to keep my posts short. And simple. So that's it with my New Year resolutions. Let's see how long they last.

And of course, wish you all a Happy New Year! :)


  1. great reading, and among other things, happy new year to you too... :)

  2. kaam me baitke blog likene keliye tume paisa milta hai kya?

  3. @Sri: Madam I was on vacation... :D office me likhne ke liye kahaan time hai? :(


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