Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sur La Voie Du Changement (On the path of change)

So, vacation again!!! N I guess I must blog at least now...

Anyway, after nearly a year of being around, I ve finally given in to popular demand n changed d layout... I remember tat dis had been the first suggestion/comment.. N somehow, I never tot twas necessary to change it.. But, a walk at IITM last evening, (when i was lost in thoughts as usual) somehow gave me enlightenment n i tot- "Why not change?"

I must admit I found it difficult to part wid my favourite sunset n d black background! But den, I had to give in... After al, wats d point writin a blog, if oders cant read it?!!
So, hope dis is more reader friendly...

N ya, abt new posts.. Keep checkin... Doin some interestin ones... They ll be up soon...


  1. good layout...!
    and take the pains to come over to i lab every now n then to post.. net's curbed in opal!

  2. i kno gal!! no net in opal is such a disaster.. n bein lazy, i find it ever so difficult to come to i lab.. :D neway, ll surely post.. thanks for patiently checkin.. :)n for al d support!! :)


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