Monday, July 30, 2007

Histoire- a tributary

When I started on that article (the previous post), I ne’er tot t ws a good topic. Bt den, on second tots, t seems like der s more to history, than I ever tot der ws. So, in d manner of an xtension:

The move in British schools to have a more “patriotic” rendering of the subject, tho, on a personal note, I do not see how, doing away with Churchill frm textbooks can help achieve a British touch!!
Anyway, it does reiterate that history, tho unjustly neglected, is a major tool to propogate national sentiments n patriotism. N thus, a more impt conclusion: the study of history s as impt as any oder subject. More so, in today’s tense world of terrorism n nuclear weapons , wher one wrong notion abt racism, can trigger major calamities.
The importance of bringing in coherence and continuity to the study of history: Most ppl develop a hatred for d subject cos they c t as a string of unconnected events, dates n happenings. Of course, t s mostly dependent on how d teacher handles the subject. More often than not, v only learn some set of wars n measures by the govt n conquests n revolutions……. Never re v told hw one lead to d oder. Life, as I c t, s a continuous process, n no event happens independently. Therefore, even an anti climax of a revolution or struggle can be properly co-related, in light of the knowledge of y t failed!
Talkin abt d continuity aspect of life, brings me to the third observation that some reader of d articl mailed me: THE TIME FACTOR. By this, he meant d fact dat al future (n oresent) s dependent on d past, n v cant simply erase d impact of d past outta our lives. “Every second s a daughter of d previous”, as I-really-don-remebr-who said! But tat implies history s a continuous influene on d present, or rather, evy second is a sum of the past plus something new (sounds mathematical(?)). In better words, it s an xtension of d past.

Wel, continuing further ll only make the content al d more abstruse, so lets leave d rest for the lazy afternoons, wen one gets bored enuf to think abt d abstract nature of d universe…

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