Sunday, December 11, 2011


And, that was my 100th post!
A hundred- Seems like a big milestone. It makes me feel I have come a long way. I guess I have.

From the blog with a French name intended to publish poetry and issues to a blog with a name that is more down-to-earth that can cover reviews, sci-tech and almost anything that crosses my mind which I think someone might wanna read. From a blog that had a black background and sunset (and, many people told me, a font that was not very readable) to a blog which has more widgets and more link backs and (I hope) a much more user-friendly font and background color. Ya, I guess the blog has evolved.

The good thing is I have evolved too. I have learned a lot in this time (though not learned enough HTML yet! :( ) But many of the comments have enriched me. I have learned to write more concisely, and (I hope) in a less abstract and more user-friendly manner. I have acquired the courage to write posts that are bolder than anything I had ever written earlier (even if I did end up getting criticism for them!) and more importantly, I have started reading a lot more than before- especially in terms of variety, but also in terms of quantity- the different blogs and websites I am reading now and the books I get to review, thanks to BlogAdda. So, thanks all, for your encouragement, and for the criticism. Look forward to more feedback and more growth.

On a related note, do let me know the negative feedback. Maybe I am not consistent enough in posting (I know I have long gaps once in a while when I vanish almost). Maybe I am too serious in the topics I choose (I know this happens a lot :( ) Maybe I should make the content more interactive. Though, unlike Emraan Hashmi in DP, I have never slept reading my own blog, it is possible I am missing some kind of entertainment quotient. If I am, please let me know- I am all ears. 

In any case, I was thinking this morning about what motivates someone to write. There is definitely the part about having someone read your blog. But sometimes you write for the sake of writing. For the enjoyment of seeing your own thoughts take shape on paper (ahem.. I mean computer screen!) And like Roark so rightly says, 'I could say I try to design for my clients the best house to live in. But I don't. Perhaps that's how I know how to be more considerate of them than if I were to think about them' (Quote summarized). So answering a comment from one of my previous posts, I am definitely happy when my readers like/enjoy my writing, but my motive is the joy of writing itself. And like Roark, I believe that motive adds to the integrity (if not the success) of the writer more than the desire to impress anyone would!

Anyhow, I have enjoyed the journey so far. Interestingly, this 101st post comes at a time when I am at a crucial milestone otherwise as well. So, as I enter a new country and a new stage of life, I hope my writing improves and the journey gets ever better :)

Thank you, all! So long...

P.S: I know 101 sounds like the 'moi' amount people give in marriages. Maybe, I should have created a landmark 108th post, sticking to true Iyengar tradition ;) Maybe if and when I reach the 1000th, I will wait for 1008 :P

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