Saturday, November 24, 2007

Alas, Universe! Ur days are numbered!!!

There has been this recent finding about the age of the universe.... Well, before I start off, I must tell u tat d universe simply fascinates me. To think that we live in a tiny planet that we call the Earth and that there are a million other celestial bodies with their heads reeling (literally!) n that dey re so humungous n im jus one tiny mass of carbon compounds is so............................................................................................................. wel, is so "i-dunno-wat-it makes-me-feel-but-it-is-so-nice" that i plunge myself in a sea of astonishment for long dreamy hours fantasizing on the intricacies of the universe!!! N i spend longer hours trying to translate into human language all that crazy stuff Stephen Hawking happens to pen....

Anyway, gettn back to track, two scientists (I dint bother remembring their nationalities) have come up wid this theory that by observing the universe, we mite actually be decreasin its age!!!


Wel, the theory goes dis way... The universe, as it is now, is in a state of precarious equilibrium. (Now, who isn't? :) ) After the "Big Bang", the forces of expansion and gravitation had to come to a correct balance, so that the universe doesn't explode (causing another big bang!) or collapse under its own gravity (like the intriguing black holes). Right now, they are very much at peace with each other, so we survive. However, as the universe continues to expand, we mite reach a date, wen one of the two forces may go outta control, (I mean, out of the other's control) and then chaos shall follow.... The thankful thing is that, there is a lotttttttttttttttttt of time left for that day to arrive, so in a manner of speaking, we mite say, "not in a million years", and stil safely expect to be true!!
We are stil at a point, where we don't really have to worry about the end(?) of the universe, or at least that is what astronomers across the globe kept telling us..... til a few days ago, wen a pair of scientists, (again, i don happen to remembr their names, but i ll put tat up mayb as a post script) have brewed this theory, based on the renowned quantum theory n its effect on relativity. These have already taught us, (or so they say), that whenever v observe a celestial object, v reset its time (or internal clock)!!! (Dis theory has apparently been around for quite some time now) The scientists now say, based on this theory, that, maybe, since v reset an object's clock by observin it, we shall probably reset the universe's clock too. A lot of laborious calculation goes on to show that, wen v observ the universe, we set its clock faster, n hence, it s closer to its deathday!!

Wel, doesn really send chills down one's spine, bt den.. a very curious fact it is.. tat by observin somethin v mite sorta kill it, and eventually ourselves too!!!

No wonder they said curiosity kills d cat....

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